8 Days of Icelandic Madness: Day One


On my way to Iceland – view from the plane

I left home on a Thursday morning, flew to Boston, and something like a day later ended up in Iceland…(on purpose, don’t worry)

Welcome to Iceland!

After flying in and meeting up with Ms. W., we grabbed some inexpensive alcohol at the duty-free store for the week, then we grabbed some grub (we do have our priorities straight after all), and caught our transfer bus headed into the capital city of Reykjavik for our first day!

~What does a Cool American taste like?! – you’ll have to trek it to Iceland to find out 😉
They literally have no such thing as ranch dressing in this country – you have been warned!

Once we got into town we sauntered up the main street, checked out the bars, the grocery stores, and of course – The Penis Museum (don’t judge).

Cool city customs, weird bars, non name brand kitty food (like most of their grocery products), anddd well, I’ll spare you the other pictures we took in that museum 😉

After the museum we napped, (What? We’d been up for like two days at this point) then we dined – and yes, Chuck Norris may have been involved, as well as a bizarre pop music theme, but never you mind about all that. Then there were the drunks singing loudly in the all-night convenience store — ahh, just like home — the street brawl we followed around for like 8 blocks, that old man with the pink panties over his jeans, adorbs po-po, and finally, eventually, sleep.

Until Day Two…

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