Story Publication #11

Galaxy’s Edge magazine, Issue 56, May 2022

“The sound of alarm bells woke Ella even before Papa’s heavy booted feet came pounding down the hall.”

In Alicia Cay’s thought-provoking and bittersweet short story, “The Color of Thunder”, we witness the beauty an author can create with words. Ella’s brother was murdered, and she is on the verge of losing her parents to grief and anger. How can she help her parents get closure for her brother’s death and save a magical creature’s life in the process, when she can only prove the Seraph’s innocence by revealing she has magical gifts of her own?

—Lezli Robyn
Editor of Galaxy’s Edge magazine

My story, “The Color of Thunder” is available in Galaxy’s Edge magazine, Issue 56: May 2022. Edited by Lezli Robyn. (May 2022)


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