I have been writing short fiction for 4.5 years, and while adding to my collection of short stories, work on my first (and second and third) novel has begun.

While I continue to read, study, and grow as a writer, I enter all my short stories into the Writers of the Future writing competition before sending them off to other markets.
I’m also proud to say that I’ve had two story acceptances (so far) to show for my efforts. Small victories, but they keep me writing and reaching, and I’m grateful for every kind word of rejection I have received πŸ˜‰


My very 1st published story: Monsters of Yesterday in MileHiCon’s anthology
Want a copy? Click HERE to go to Amazon and get your own – yay! β™₯

My very 2nd published story: I Carry Your Heart in Whimsy Con’s anthology
is now out β™₯ so exciting! Get itΒ HERE at Amazon. 51PspYrye9L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

For FuN – my WotF contest results:
Vol. 32-Q4 – HM – Results, with my name listed! HERE.
Vol. 33-Q1 – HM – Results, did you see my name? HERE.
Vol. 33-Q2 – HM – Results, yep my name is there again. HERE.
Vol. 33-Q3 – SHM – Results are in. This HM was Silver! HERE.
Vol. 33-Q4 – HM – My 5th attempt overall, it’s an HM! HERE.
Vol. 34-Q1 – BFR – My first WotF rejection, ouch! (All good, all good)
Vol. 34-Q2 – BFR My second WotF rejection, less ouch.
Vol. 34-Q3 – HM – I’m back with an HM! Results are HERE.
Vol. 34-Q4 – HM – Guess what? Yep, another HM! HERE.
Vol. 35-Q1 – HM – You’re not going believe it – an HM! HERE.
Vol. 35-Q2 – HM – Oh snap, an HM! HERE.
Vol. 35-Q3 – BFR – Third rejection, this one stung, but ima keep going!
Vol. 35-Q4 – HM – Yays! An HM in a very heavily-entried quarter HERE.
Vol. 36-Q1 – BFR – Fourth rejection. I’d like to say it gets easier, but…
Vol. 36-Q2 – BFR – Fifth rejection! I took this one in stride πŸ˜‰
Vol. 36-Q3 – SHM – Joni told me this story was in the top 25 – wow! HERE.
Vol. 36-Q4 – BFR – And I’m out for this year, with my 6th big fat rejection.

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