I am currently a short story writer, with of course many a ‘novel’ idea. But as I take my first few tentative steps along this writer’s journey, I thought I’d begin my writing education by working on short stories. Because you know, they’re easy to write. Ha! At least that’s what I thought until I discovered an incredible and awful truth…

Short stories are not the easy feat they may appear to be to the layperson, not if you want to do them well. In fact, they are a unique art form all their own. Though short they may be, a good one needs to encompass enough information to bring you into another world, introduce you to the characters, their background/motivations, and keep you engaged with a plot, all while being limited in word count.
It takes more than a little talent to pull one off properly, and I believe  a great deal of admiration is due to those that are good at them.

While I’m writing and growing my collection of short stories, currently my goal is a certain writing competition. It keeps me writing and learning!


My very first published story: Adventures In Zookeeping Anthology
Want a copy? Click HERE to go to Amazon and get your own – do it – ♥

Just for FuN – my WotF contest results:
HM #1 – Vol. 32-Q4 – Results, with my name listed! HERE.
HM #2 – Vol. 33-Q1 – Results, did you see my name? HERE.
HM #3 – Vol. 33-Q2 – Results, yep my name is there again. HERE.
SHM #1-Vol. 33-Q3 – Results have now been posted, my Silver! HERE.
HM #4 – Vol. 33-Q4 – My 5th attempt overall, it’s an HM! HERE.
BFR #1 – Vol. 34-Q1 – My first WotF rejection, ouch! (All good, all good)
BFR #2 – Vol. 34-Q2 – My second WotF rejection, less ouch.
HM #5 – Vol. 34-Q3 – I’m back with an HM! Results are HERE.

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