I have been writing short fiction for over 5 years, and while adding to my collection of short stories, work on my first novel has begun.

I’m happy to say I’ve had eight story acceptances (so far). Also, in 2020 I was awarded a scholarship to attend Superstars Writing Seminar, and later that same year made Finalist in the Writers of the Future contest. These and other small victories keep me writing and reaching, and I’m grateful for every kind word I have received ♥


My very 1st published story: “Monsters of Yesterday” is in MileHiCon’s anthology Adventures in Zookeeping by Villainous Press (2016). Click HERE to get your very own copy today — Yay!



My very 2nd published story: “I Carry Your Heart” is in Whimsy Con’s anthology Wit & Whimsy, Vol II by Shiny Garden Press (2019). So exciting! Get it HERE.



My very 3rd published story: “The First Problem” is in the Hold Your Fire: Stories Celebrating the Creative Spark anthology by Wordfire Press. Available HERE.



My 4th published story: “The End of Winter” in available in The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase an anthology by Air and Nothingness Press. Available on their website HERE.


My 5th published story: “At the Edge of the Well” is in Blackbird Publishing’s anthology Hauntings. Get your copy HERE


My 6th published story: “La Marionnette” will appear in Unmasked: Tales of Risk and Revelation from WordFire Press, and presented by Kevin J Anderson’s students at Western Colorado University. Available July 2021.


News about my 7th and 8th published stories (“Campbell County Cook-off” and “Green Army Men”) coming soon!


One thought on “Writing

  1. Aline Levitt says:

    I just read your short story “At the Edge of the Well”. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more fiction from you:).


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