Story Publication #1


Sooo, this happened.

Last year I attended a panel at MileHiCon called, So You Want To Be In An Anthology. And I did, so I went, signed up, wrote a story, learned a lot of things from the editor – (whom I thought was a wonderful teacher, and patient with me, so that was nice), got my story accepted (woo-hoo!), signed a contract, and viola! published.

See – there’s my name on the back – told ya’ guys! 😉

We were also fortunate enough to be invited to co-host the con suite one afternoon for a duel book release party with The Midnight Writer’s Anthology; pizza and cake abounded.


After the party (the after party?) Sam Knight got us set up in one of the panel rooms, where a few brave souls (totally not me), got up and read sections of their stories. And people, listen to me, there are some really good stories in this anthology!

My humble story, Monsters of Yesterday, (the 4th story I’ve ever seriously written) is in there. And as I have been studying and writing in the year and half since I wrote this one, going back and re-reading this makes me cringe a bit. So while I’m sort of embarrassed by mine, the rest of the book is packed full of a bunch of quietly fabulous writers who have written fantastic stories – pick up a copy, check it out, leave a review. You know the drill. You can do that HERE.

Additional Fun:
One of the contributing authors also did a fun little interview set with a few volunteers from the anthology – here’s a link to SARENA ULIBARRI’s blog post 🙂

Another contributing author – whom I met briefly, and was really sweet – I believe set this up. Check out Fiction Unbound’s speculative holiday gift guide for 2016.

Also from Fiction Unbound, our anthology got a REVIEW – how cool!

Ok now, head on over to Amazon, buy a copy for yourself, and a few to give as gifts – we both know you want to. Do it HERE.


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