I suffer greatly from Wanderlust. So I work, and wait for the light, and go without meat, and curse the bread – all that I may travel. Oh, the places I’ve been…


SuperStars Writing Seminar—Colorado Springs.

Hollywood, California for six and a half months in pursuit of a dream.
I took apart my life to take this chance, and I had one of the greatest and hardest adventures of my existence. I was also fortunate enough to have made a set of beautiful, lifelong friends—for that I do not regret.

March: I took a train to Provo, UT for a writing workshop with author David Farland
August: Took a cruise from Aruba to Curaçao
September: Back to my old home to spend a month at a house near the beach in Florida
October:Girls Trip to Rhode Island and Massachusetts

March: 8 Days of Icelandic Madness
May: Chicago ~ My Kind of Town
July: Pensacola Beach and the abysmal pit that is the Florida panhandle 
Nov: New Orleans & a Cruise to Mexico!

April: Birthday Week & San Luis Valley, Colo
August: Be Still & Listen – A Week At The Beach

February: Caribbean Cruise
August: Washington, D.C.
August: Spokane, Washington (WorldCon!)

Photograph by Alicia Cay,
Amsterdam, Holland

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