Story Publication #14

Galaxy’s Edge magazine, Issue 60, January 2023

“Joseph Ledélice and Guillaume De’sper, creators of the famous Oiseaux de Délice, the most desired toy birds in all of France, were lost in their despair.”

In Alicia Cay’s short story, “The Lament Configuration,” we find out how parting with something sentimental during the heartache of grief can lead to a return gift of healing much more profound. The magic and heart Alicia infuses into her words are just so incredibly beautiful; this story’s end notes brought this editor to tears.

—Lezli Robyn
Editor of Galaxy’s Edge magazine

My story, “The Lament Configuration” is available in Galaxy’s Edge magazine, Issue 60: January 2023. Edited by Lezli Robyn (January 2023)

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Reviewed by Victoria Silverwolf for Tangent ~ January 7, 2023

“The two main characters in “The Lament Configuration” by Alicia Cay create singing toy birds. One of the men carves them, while the other literally breathes songs into them. Sadly, the latter loses this magical power after their adopted daughter dies.

Unknowingly, he gives a bird his partner intended to keep as a memento of their daughter to a woman whose own daughter is dying. When she learns of the mistake, which leads to a fierce argument between the men, the woman gives them a puzzle box. If opened correctly, it will ease the pain in their hearts.

As might be imagined, this is a very emotional story, dealing with grief as well as with parental and romantic love. The fantasy premise is charming, and results in a delicately sentimental tale. The setting is France during the reign of Louis XVI. The author captures the sense of time and place convincingly.”