Editing & Proofreading

If you’re in need of a Copy Edit, Proofread, or a Beta-Read Plus,
I am at your service.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have,
or to request a Client Questionnaire Form.


Available for hire!



Copy Edit:
Copy editing is a read through of your manuscript with attention paid to things such as: consistency of character appearance, character voice, verb tense, word usage, grammar, dialect, consistency of timeline events, grammar, and punctuation.
This step is where I also pay attention to repetitious use of words (word echo), word choice for reader clarity, and rewording suggestions (if needed).

Proofreading, is a step done after the manuscript has gone through developmental/content edits AND Copy Editing and/or Line Edits. Proofreading is done as a final step in order to catch typos, spelling errors, missing punctuation, missing paragraph breaks, and spelling / usage for regional preference.

Beta Read + Plus:
You’re ready to hit send on your manuscript and get it out to agents, editors, or self-publish. A Beta Read + Plus by me, is a read through of your book: a fresh set of eyes looking for overall impressions and notes (do the clues in your mystery work? does the structure of your story work?)
PLUS a version of non-invasive editing—where you, the author, aren’t wasting your time training editors not to mess with your voice (your unique version of grammar/punctuation), and includes only minor edits such as extra words, missing words, missing quotes, periods, etc. (or whatever things you mention you want looked for).



Shortly after I began writing eight years ago, I started doing short-story critique swaps with other writers. This is where my study and love of learning about grammar and punctuation first rose its horned head.

The more I wrote, the more I critiqued, and the more I learned. Eventually, I began offering free copy editing and proofreading for contest story entries; because it helped other writers, and because it gave me more practice and reasons to research all the “writing rules”. (I use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th ed.)

From there, I applied and was accepted, to read slush for two different SF/F publications—one of which I also did some volunteer proofreading and copyediting tasks for on accepted stories.

In 2021, I got the opportunity to join the proofreader team for WordFire Press (I had to pass a test), which continued to give me even more practice and opportunities for learning.

Then, all those years of studying, and practicing, and volunteering led me to receiving and accepting an offer for a permanent position with Arc Manor Books, a publishing company, as an Associate Editor. Where I currently work and practice.

I now get to learn even more, all while working with incredible and award-winning authors, new acquisitions and reprint books, blog writing, content editing, proofreading, and formatting—as a real job! It’s pretty AwEsOmE ♥




*For my short story authors, here is the link I’ve referenced.
And seriously, thank you from the bottom of my caffeine-fueled heart. LoVe.


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