Story Publication #13

4th and Starlight ~ by Future Finalists Publishing

“Jim sat on the floor, dressed in his dinosaur pajamas, ear pressed against the bedroom door. His parents were arguing about him again.”

And so begins the story of Jim, a boy who only wants to go outside and play. But after the Purification, that’s not so safe a thing to do anymore.
Come play in the woods with Jim and Flynn, in a story about the power of imagination and friendship.

My story, “Green Army Men” is available in this playful anthology, 4th and Starlight: A Fantasy and Science Fiction Anthology from Future Finalists Publishing. Edited by M. Elizabeth Ticknor. Original cover artwork by M. Elizabeth Ticknor. Original story art for “Green Army Men” by M. Elizabeth Ticknor.

Available in paperback and kindle on Amazon HERE.


From the publisher:

Join these rising stars of science fiction and fantasy at the corner of 4th and Starlight for a journey like no other.

Step into a world ravaged by robotic warfare to explore buried secrets, visit with a sleep-deprived mermaid, and journey to ancient Egypt to romance a Mourning Woman. Chase down an outlaw with a jaded bounty hunter, play in the woods with a little boy and his friend, or ride along on a haunted food truck. Let go of grief at the airport, flirt with a succubus, and survive a spaceship crash with a cyborg.
Nineteen stories that will fill you with delight, inspire your imagination, get your heart pounding, and leave you misty-eyed with joy.

Stories by Mike Wyant Jr., K.L. Shwengel, Kary English, Philip Brian Hall, Rebecca Birch, Van Alrik, Kristy Evangelista, Preston Dennett, Dustin Adams, Y.M. Pang, M. Elizabeth Ticknor, Rebecca E. Treasure, Alicia Cay, Julia Ashley, John D. Payne, Rachelle Harp, and Dr. Robert Finegold.


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