Story publication #15

Journeys Into Possibility ~ by Pikes Peak Writers

“She had that scoundrel John Dillinger right where she wanted him—sitting in her jail.”

And so begins the story of Sheriff Lillian Holley, the first female sheriff of Lake County, Indiana (in 1934); a woman who’s husband was killed in the line duty that left her holding the badge, has just had John Dillinger~Public Enemy Number One~escape from her jail, all while being haunted by a murdered moll (a gangster’s girlfriend).
Can Lillian capture Dillinger and set the trapped spirit of a murdered woman free?

My story, “In Her Reflection” is available in this adventurous anthology, Journeys Into Possibility from Pikes Peak Writers Publishing ~ Edited by Deborah L. Brewer, Kim Olgren, and Kathie Scrimgeour ~ Cover art by Josh Clark

Available in paperback and kindle on Amazon HERE.


From the publisher:

Are you ready to go on a journey to a place you have never been before? What would you like to do? Maybe a swim with dolphins, meet strange new creatures, or see John Dillinger behind bars? You could take a trip through time, visit a new planet, or hop on a train worn with memories. The possibilities are just a page away.

So, strap in and get comfortable as we travel into the imaginative realm of possibilities. Together, we will journey into all things possible and impossible. Once you’ve been there and back again, you won’t be quite the same.

Twenty-one authors take you on an adventure, including
Alicia Cay, April Benson, Robert Spiller, Jean Alfierti, D.J. Davis, Barbara Preslier, Bowen Gillings, Bill Bush, John Neal, Steven Anderson, Jeff Schmoyer, C.S. Simpson, KK Quinn, Wendy Oliver, Kelley Lindberg, Marlene Fabien Stiles, Veronica R. Calisto, Jessica Mehring, Bailey Finn, Jenna MacFarlane, and Catherine Dilts.

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