How I Got Started Writing…

Between having entered for 3 years (12 quarters) straight, having earned 9 Honorable Mention certificates, and having some awesome writer friends who are always willing to lend an encouraging word, or recommend you to write an article for the Writers of the Future writing contest’s blog – omgosh!! – things like this happen. ♥

WotF article

I am beyond honored and grateful, not only for the opportunity to write an article for WotF, but also that this contest is out there, that it helped get me started, and that it (and the winners!) continues to inspire me. Read it HERE.

Pensacola Beach, and the abysmal pit that is the Florida panhandle (or that time I met the Mayor of Greenville)


One of the many reasons I love the beach…

It was a warm, sunny day in July when my sister and I dared to venture from the cozy, happy, sanctuaries we call home, and head down to La Florida to visit friends and family. There was no way of knowing what was in store for us – bum, bum, bummmm!
I have yet to decide if what we experienced was a blessing in disguise (like a super well hidden one), or if we pissed off some petulant little god somewhere and were punished accordingly…
After getting the cats situated, I dropped the corgi off with a stranger in downtown Denver, and off we went to Tampa!

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On Reading: January – April 2017

I’ve decided to keep up with my reading in quarterly posts, because really, every month? But if for some bizarre reason you are totally into what I’m reading every month, then head on over to my Goodreads page and check out my bookshelf – I also have an author page on there! I try to keep my bookshelf updated with what I’m ‘currently reading’ and what I ‘have read’. I love, love the written word, so please join me in a discussion on a book I’ve read, or recommend your favorite one. You can also find me and friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter – I’d love to say hello. Hello! 🙂

So I’m going to admit to you that something happened to the reading list I had for this first quarter. Ok yeah – I was keeping the list on my cellphone and I did a dumb, dumb thing and lost all the info on it. Really we don’t need to go into all the sordid, little details about how that happened, it’s enough to know that I’ve had to reassemble my reading list from memory, and may have missed one or two. My bad.

Now without further ado…

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