Lizzie Borden, H.P. Lovecraft, and The Salem Witch Trials ~ A girl’s trip


~ Lizzie Borden Murder House ~

One of my very best girlfriends recently moved to Rhode Island, so myself and another bestie went to visit her and enjoy the New England Autumn scene.

Our first sight-to-see was the Lizzie Borden murder house. Super cool!
The tour was a really awesome presentation of mystery, murder, and even a touch of Gothic gore.
(There were pictures of the crime scene and post-mortem art things made of human hair :::shudders:::)
The coolest thing? Lizzie got off because the jury of 12 men couldn’t fathom the idea that a woman would wield an ax and kill people so brutally.
She went on to live a very fascinating life too, btw.
The mysteries behind this murder have stayed with me, and I feel like a story is forthcoming because of it (but of course).

~ Salem, Massachusetts ~

Next up was Salem, Massachusetts. I adore history, and there is a lot here to enjoy – totally up my alley. We had lunch, gooey drinks, and even got a visit from a ghoul.

After lunch we wandered, watched a film on the Salem Witch Trials, and visited some historical sites; like a few of (the many) old cemeteries in Salem. We then walked around the black locust trees (believed to be the type of trees the victims were hung from) at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.
All in all, it was a quaint trip, but also a solemn reminder about the horrors we people are capable of.

There are stone slabs in the entryway to the Memorial, inscribed with the victim’s protests. It was chilling.

“God know I am innocent–”  ~~~ “I am wholly innocent of such wickedness”


~ H.P. Lovecraft & Providence RI ~

Mr. Lovecraft’s birthplace was Providence, RI. He was also laid to rest here in 1937.

We visited this cool bookstore full of all things Lovecraft, speculative fiction, and weird art.
We saw Mr. H.P.’s final resting place, and went to the Providence Athenaem (I ♥ all things books!). Which is a privately funded library patroned by both Whitman and Poe, and with ties to Lovecraft (of course). Lots of history to explore in the library, and they have a cute game you can play where you find different ravens scattered around the library, and they give you clues to find different parts and things in the library.

We topped the entire trip off with the best Italian food I’ve ever had (in the North End). It was seriously one of the 5 best meals I’ve ever eaten! And a road-trip over to Newport to see The Breakers, which is the name of the Vanderbilt Mansion, er, I mean “Summer house.”

We had a wonderful trip!



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