Writers of the Future Online Workshop

WotF Workshop

The Writers of the Future contest has added a new feature, a FREE online writing workshop, taught by the very same instructors the contest winners get to meet…

This year has been a trip (and it’s only May!). In February I won a Writers of the Future sponsored scholarship to attend the Superstars Writing Seminar. I learned so many things there that have helped my writing, and even better, I met a wonderful group of writers and have kept in contact with them. We formed a group to help and encourage one another in our writing journeys. They are so talented and hilarious and amazing ♥

Not long after that (during our time in quarantine), the awesome folks at Writers of the Future created/completed an online class for writers to take. I took the class and here’s what I thought about it. (Spoiler alert: I really enjoyed it!)

There are 11 lessons, and 13 videos. You also read essays and complete practicals as you move through the workshop (I found each step fun and engaging). The way the workshop is structured, each step builds on the last step, moving you further and further along, until at the end, you’ve got an actual short story completed!
We all know how helpful having one of those around can be (Submit, submit, submit!)
Then, if you’re eligible, you can enter that story in the contest.
Seriously, where was this when I first started out?!

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been writing for awhile, I think this is a great resource. There is always something new we can learn, and what I’ve found to be true for me, is going back over things I’ve already “learned” gives me a fresh reminder of them and more certainty about them. More studying has never hurt me, Lol.

Plus, I’ve never had all three of these instructors together teaching me. It was really cool to have them ‘talking’ to me, and to get to learn from their videos. They each teach different things, and each instructor has a different point of view on the ‘how-to’ of writing. So you get the added benefit of being taught different notes in the same song we’re all trying to learn (writing!). I really appreciated this part of the workshop.

I think by far the neatest thing about this online workshop, is that it feels like I got a little taste of what it will be like to one day attend the real life workshop with these very same instructors. There are trophies in the background of the videos, and I’ma be honest, my eyes kept wandering over to them. After I completed the online workshop, I felt more determined than ever to obtain my goal. I’m coming for you trophy! You know, if I don’t sell so many stories first that I become ineligible to enter anymore (fingers crossed) 😉

Here’s a link to the wonderful, and again FREE, online writing workshop:
Writers of the Future FREE Online Workshop

Sign up for it and check it out, it’s a fun experience and a generous resource. I’m grateful there are things out there like this for us young writers.
Thanks ya’ll ♥


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