On Reading: July

July kicked my ass, like hardcore parkour kicked my ass.
I moved this month, yay! Now I can’t find anything, boo!
I read three books, yay! I wish it had been more, boo!
I finished my anthology story edits and am resubmitting to the editor, yay! I haven’t even started on my WotF Q4 story, boo!
I haven’t heard back about my WotF Q2 story yet, yay? I’ve heard the finalists have already been notified, so at this point I can only hope for another HM, boo!
And I think that covers that…now on to the books!

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On Reading: May

Yay for May! Overall it was a rather uneventful month. Haven’t heard back from any of the writing contests I’m entered in, but I working on my next WotF submission story. It’s coming along – slowly. So slowly – bleh…

But reading, oh reading! I love when people walk past me and comment that I’m always reading, makes me feel like I’m doing it right 😉  I got four lovelies in this month, check ’em out.

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On All Of It: April

Oh, April – you great googly-moogly you.
The weather here in Colorado is always a bit bipolar, but this month was a doozy. Warm, then cold, then rainy, then snowy, and then all of it all at once, and it ruined some of my vacation travel plans, so for that I say BOO to you Colorado weather! April is also my birthday month, which is fine, aging bothers me not at all. But it’s also the month I lost my Dad and my Mom, both have been gone for years now, but added all together – April makes for a weird month that takes it’s toll on me emotionally.

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On Reading: February

February was, overall, a pretty good month. I had family in town to help take care of my convalescing sister, and it was wonderful to have them here visiting, but sad too because I hated to see them go. It made me realize how much I miss living closer to my family and my friends back home. Which has turned my thoughts as of late to maybe making some geographical changes.

In fact, changes in my life, (in many different forms) are coming. There have been signs from the Universe directing me towards certain decisions.
Well, I’m listening Universe – I’m listening!

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