Let The Good Times Roll…

My fabulous trip to New Orleans, LA where we spent a few days exploring before boarding the cruise ship, making our way down the ol’ muddy Mississip, and landing in Mexico…


We did a ghost tour our first night there, and learned about this one house where the owners would torture and kill their slaves in a secret room in the house. It was a really jarring story that has stayed with me.
We went back the next day to do a walking tour of French Quarter during the day. We did Bourbon Street, went to the very creepy Voodoo Museum, and visited the Faulkner House, which is now a bookstore (Faulkner wrote his first novel ‘Soldiers Pay’ in 1925 there). We saw the Avart-Peretti House where Tennessee Williams lived and wrote ‘A Streetcar Named Desire there in 1946 & 1947. We ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, saw John Goodman’s house in the Garden District (the bottom picture), along with many other beautiful homes, and paid a visit to at least one NOLA cemetery, where I took way too many pictures to post. ♥

On the second leg of our trip, we took off on a cruise and headed to Mexico. Along the way we did some relaxing, some drinking, and some watching of ocean sunsets…

Our first stop in Mexico we went snorkeling, then swam with some sting rays. We got to feed them, pet them, and kiss them – but let’s not get into all the sordid little details 😉

Our second stop in Mexico we took a long ass bus ride to visit Chichen Itza. The ruins were wonderful and I learned a lot about the history, but holy balls it was broiling hot out that day. Thank goodness we took a dunk in a beautiful cenote before heading back to the ship!

All in all, I would say another wonderful trip in the books. Our next cruise is for my friend’s 40th birthday, and we’re going to Hawaii – yay!!!


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