Midnight Train to Provo, Utah…

This month I took the train to Provo, Utah for a week long workshop with a wonderful, New York Times bestselling author, Mr. David Farland – it was UH-mazing!


Leaving Denver’s Union Station…

I learned so much about writing this week, and not only from Mr. Farland, but also from the 12 other writers that attended. We shared our work with one another, I took copious amounts of notes, and even got a one-on-one dinner with Dave.

Another aspect of this trip, beyond the wonderful things I learned and people I shared this experience with, was that I took a 13-14 hour train trip to get from Denver to Provo, Utah. I shared meals with cool people, got a story idea while going through the Moffat Tunnel (at 6.2 miles, it is, I believe, the longest tunnel in the continental U.S.), and took some pictures of the amazing scenery.

One of the awesome writers in my workshop brought me a sweet treat one night – shout out to you Cade – you can write girl! 🙂



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