8 Days of Icelandic Madness: Day Eight


Funny Icelandic money Honey!

Our last day in Iceland = total sadness – le sigh!

I think we were both a bit subdued this morning, faced with the overwhelming idea of having such an enjoyable trip come to an end, and having to leave this magical place to head back to reality; something neither one of us really wanted to do. Although I think that’s a sign of a really good vacation 🙂

We got up, checked out, and headed into the city for one last walk up the main thoroughfare, looking for to grab some last minute souvenirs. Confession: I nearly blew my wad in the bookstore! But I managed to control myself – which means I barely held myself back save for making promises to myself that I could buy every book I really wanted on Amazon as soon as I got back home, ha! Plus I knew I’d go way over the weight limit on my suitcase if I bought all the books I wanted – and still it was hard – books are my jam!

Anyway, here are some of fun city pictures from this morning – you gotta click ’em, before you lick ’em 😉

I’ll be your Tomato!

20170310_132156We posed for  one last picture before getting on the bus to the airport…

20170310_150812Don’t act surprised, I told you back on Day Four that the sculpture & statues in this country are beyond bizarre! WTF is this Iceland?

Do you know the way to the U.S.A.? (Just follow the arrows!)

20170310_172114Northern Lights on the plane ~ nice touch Icelandic Air!

Flying over Greenland – the view was so beautiful, it looked like I could see all the way to the edge of the Earth ~ total wow! ♥

Well kids, that’s it. Ms. W. and myself both made it home safely from our trip. While we may have remained intact physically, I know that I felt changed from the experience. It was such a fantastic travel opportunity – the adventure of exploring Iceland – there are few words that can do justice. It’s one of those things where you’d just have had to have been there. Also, it was good for me to get away from home, and even better to be reminded that there is more out there – more to be seen, more people to meet and learn from, different ideas on living, and so so so much magic, adventure, and love.
Don’t ever stop traveling friends, I believe it makes us better people ♥




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