Story Publication #3

Superstars Writing Seminar anthology

I am BEYOND thrilled to announce that my short story “The First Problem” has been selected for publication in the Superstars Writing Seminar scholarship anthology HOLD YOUR FIRE!

I was a Superstars scholarship recipient in 2020 and am delighted to be able to help pay it forward.

It’s an honor to get to share the Table of Contents with these incredible writers, including several of my fellow scholarship recipients: M Elizabeth Ticknor and Rebecca E. Treasure (I got a sneak peek at their co-authored story “White Sails and Stormy Seas” and it’s amazing! 💕) and Kat Kellermeyer (the villain to my superhero, or probably the other way around 😉

Here is the TOC (as of 06.13.2020):

Congratulations to everyone!
I’m over the moon to be in such fine company.
Thank you 💜💛


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