Story Publication #5

Hold Your Fire ~ by WordFire Press

“The tidy kitchen reeked of death.”

And so begins the mystery of who killed the woman lying on Mrs. Pearcy’s kitchen floor.
Join Detective Inspector Charles A. Dupin as he steps across the threshold of a dosshouse in Shoreditch, England and makes a promise to a little boy to find his mother’s killer.

My story, “The First Problem” is available in this fiery anthology, Hold Your Fire: Stories Celebrating the Creative Spark from WordFire Press (in support of the Don Hodges Memorial Scholarship). Edited by Lisa Mangum. (February 2021)

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I am also honored to have been mentioned in the Publishers Weekly review. Eep! ♥

Hold Your Fire

Edited by Lisa Mangum. WordFire, $24.99 (258p)
ISBN 978-1-68057-176-9

Mangum (Dragon Writers: An Anthology, ed.) brings together 19 solid short stories for an anthology exploring the eureka moment of artistic and scientific inspiration. “The Door” by Kristen Bickerstaff extols the magic of a child’s imagination, while Alicia Cay reimagines Sherlock Holmes’s boyhood in “The First Problem” to show how patience and observation ignite a passion for investigation. With “White Sails and Rough Seas,” M. Elizabeth Ticknor and Rebecca E. Treasure emphasize the need to listen with one’s heart as well as one’s head when problem solving. But Kitty Sarkozy shows the flip side of this in “Dream Girl,” in which living too completely in imagination causes deadly harm. And “The Last Waking Princess” by Kat Kellermeyer asserts that love is a kind of magic. Though none of the stories are standouts, there are no flops either. The subjects run the gamut from music and literature to space exploration, but all highlight the human desire to grow and create. Readers looking for short bursts of inspiration will be pleased. (Feb.)


From the publisher’s website:

Hold Your Fire: Stories Celebrating the Creative Spark is the sixth anthology edited by Lisa Mangum and published by WordFire Press in support of the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund for the Superstars Writing Seminars.  

Creativity comes from many places, but often the initial spark of inspiration can be traced to something or someone who challenged us to first put pen to paper or brush to canvas, to pick up a camera, to look at the world with new eyes. Maybe it was the lyrics of a favorite album. Maybe it was the encouragement from a beloved teacher. Maybe it was seeing a wonder of the natural world.

Maybe it was just a feeling deep down inside that demanded to be set free, a voice ready to be heard, a story begging to be told.

Hold Your Fire is a collection of nineteen short stories celebrating the power and influence of inspiration in all its forms—art, literature, music, astronomy, science, inventions, epiphanies.

Here you will find stories of people being inspired as well as stories of people inspiring someone else. Stories not only of artistic inspiration but of scientific discoveries. The “Eureka!” moments that change the whole world and the small moments when someone dares to fight one more day.

From a romance about a teenager’s attempts to win over his first crush with poetry to musicians and artists harnessing the inspiration of unexpected muses to a fairy tale princess seeking for happiness, every story in this anthology shines brightly. And since every fire casts a shadow, there are also a few horror stories that thrive in the dark.

Table of Contents
The Seeker’s Tale, by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart
The Fire Sermon, by Mary Pletsch
One-Hit Webster, by Brian Corley
The Door, byKristen Bickerstaff
The Burren of Mars, by CJ Erick
White Feather, by Shannon Fox
Into the Valley, by Wayland Smith
The Last Waking Princess, by S. K. Kellermeyer
The First Problem, by Alicia Cay
Mi Jaculpo, by October K Santerelli
One for Hunger, Two for Joy, by Tanya Hales
The Hunter and the Hunted, by Raphyel M. Jordan
Take Me for a Ride, by Mike Jack Stoumbos
Hyde Park, by Shannon Fox.
Bow Drill, by Jace Killan
Dream Girl, by Kitty Sarkozy
White Sails and Stormy Seas, by M. Elizabeth Ticknor & Rebecca E. Treasure
Check Yes or No, by Melissa Koons
Don’t Ignore It, by Tanya Hales


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