Story Publication #4

The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase ~ by Air and Nothingness Press

“A flash of lightning lit up the small hospital room. The thunder that followed was not a solitary rumble, but a resonating clash of cries mingled with the call of horns, the rasp of steel, and the flutter of wings.”

And so begins the story of Amelia and Bennett, human children on an avian planet unable to leave their hospital room. When Bennett loses hope and passes away, Amelia risks her life to go outside, to confront the Great Northern God and his Wild Host, and demand her best friend back.

My story, “The End of Winter” is available in this wild anthology, The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase from Air and Nothingness press. Assembled by Todd Sanders (January 2021)

♥ And peep that awesome French-fold cover and gorgeous artwork *gasp* ♥


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