Publication #10

Above Us, Hell ~ A-Line Press

“More than a million shipwrecks lay scattered in the salty depths of deep oceans, the skeletal arms of notorious pirates wrapped around priceless treasures. Owen Moore hunted those treasures.”

And so begins the story of Owen Moore, failed treasure hunter, and a man desperate to pay off his debts and save his boat.
In a last bid to save his dying dreams, he lies to his grandfather, and sails them out to a spot near the Cayman Trench abyss where even the locals fear to tread, looking to steal from the dead and salvage metal from sunken shipwrecks he has no claim to.
Problem is … the pirates aboard the old, iron submarine that Owen accidently drags up from its salty grave, aren’t about to let anything be taken from them.

I was honored to be invited as a guest author with my story, “Above Us, Hell, to this shiver-me-timbers collection of stories, Uncollected Anthology 27: Paranormal Pirates. Edited and self-published by Alicia Cay. My story was also included in the collected anthology by Kydala Publishing, Inc. (April 2020)


Enjoy the urban fantasy stories of the Uncollected Anthology: Paranormal Pirates now collected in this bundle.
Walk the plank or follow The Code. Fight demonic pirates and answer the door. Salvage a sunken ship wreck, take a trip on a cruise ship and beware of an undying lust for treasure.
Explore the Uncollected Anthology with Paranormal Pirates!


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