David Farland ~ 1957-2022

Imagine … what it must be like to leave the world a better place than you found it.

I really believe David Farland did that.

He left us all a little better off for having known him.

What a life lived.

Dave had a huge impact on my writing. He’s literally been there since the first conversation I had with another writer that helped me decide to begin my own writing journey–seven years ago. He’s one of many reasons I’ve had any success at all, and my writing will FOREVER be influenced by him.
(I mean, that KAV cycle will always be with me ☺)

I’ve said it to you before, and it touched you so much that you held your arms out and gave me a great big hug, but I think it bears repeating:
Thank you, Dave.

Writing Enchanting Prose Writing Workshop with Dave Farland ~ March 2018
The Founders of Superstars Writing Seminars ~ RIP Dave Farland and Eric Flint

Hello Darkness, my old friend
♥ In Memoriam for Dave at Superstars ♥


This is how you will be remembered, Dave. Thank you. ♥


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