Writers of the Future Gala ~ 2021

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future ~ Vol. 36 & Vol. 37

This was only the second trip I was able to make in 2021 (fuck the pandemic), and this one took me to Hollywood, California for the Writers of the Future gala. Because of travel restrictions and viruses, this gala (and the winner’s workshop week) was cancelled for 2020. Finally! the combined event was finally able to happen in October of 2021.

Even with the physical universe obstacles, Galaxy Press and Authors Services, Inc. did a great job bringing this event together. And I was so stoked to be able to attend. Things for this trip started off a little rocky for me, but the stars aligned, I made it to Cali, and magic happened during this trip.
Life is so random and fascinating, ain’t it? 😉

Rather than listen to me ramble on about what a great night it was, allow me to share some highlights through pictures. Enjoy! ♥

~ clicking ’em makes ’em bigger ~


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