Washington D.C. – Business and Pleasure

I got the 20150816_200537chance to spend a few days in D.C. this summer. While I was sent there to attend a work conference (APCO – who did that up right!), I figured, hey with my flight, hotel, and even some per diam for food all being paid for, why not invite my BFF and TB out with me to paint the town! There is so much more we did and saw, but ain’t nobody got time for all that. So here kids, are some of the highlights – enjoy!

~ The Museums ~

National Museum of Crime & Punishment

Ted Bundy’s VW, John Wayne Gacy’s clown outfits (Pogo and Patches),
and Charles Whitman’s rifle

National Museum of the American Indian

Beautiful architecture and interior designs (the rainbow reflection moved with the sun),
and we ate at the famous Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe – yummm

The Holocaust Museum

~ Somber, gut wrenching, and moving ~
(click on the pictures to read the beautiful quotes)

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Tigers, dinosaurs, and diamonds – oh my!

National Air and Space Museum

They closed down the museum for the ‘APCO block party’ we attended ~
Free drinks, food, planetarium shows, and gifts – it was amazing!

~ The Monuments ~

Too awesome for words!

~ The Food ~

The food in D.C. was mind blowing!
The Brie, apple, and onion jam bread at Founding Farmers was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve put a lot of stuff in there!)
We washed down gorgeous tapas with delish sangria, and I still dream about those crispy brussels sprouts we had at Zaytina ~ nom, nom, nom…

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