Sasquan (WorldCon) – Spokane, WA

My first ever Worldcon was a wonderful experience. The city was beautiful, the venue easy to get around, the panels a ton of fun, and I left with a head full of information, and a heart full of inspiration.

At bar-con one evening, Mr. Martin made a sudden appearance, and I, trying to be sly, attempted to collect a picture of him (for my friends) without being intrusive…


Spying on George, lol

Being my first Worldcon, this was also my first Hugo awards ceremony…barring the controversy, and a few minor glitches it was wonderful to attend in person.

Mr. Silverberg led us on a sing-along, and Connie Willis had us laughing till our sides ached. BTW, I love Ms. Willis – Yes in a slightly creepy, I want to smell her hair and talk on the phone with for hours, fan-girl kind of way. (I’m seriously j/k about that kids, you’re totally safe Ms. Willis, I’d never let anyone hurt you 😉 )
All joking aside, she is a funny, charismatic, gifted, SF writer, who has won a ton of awards in this (yes it is) male dominated field, and an inspiration to me – plus she’s from Colorado, like me, so that gives her extra cool points. Alright enough gushing, on with the post!

I also got to take a walk around Spokane, beautiful park, and good eats = great city to get to visit.


There be dragons here…

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