Be Still & Listen: My Week At The Beach


♥ Pass-a-grille Beach, St. Petersburg FL ♥

Originally I had requested a week of vacation in August in order to attend WorldCon (MidAmeriCon II) in Kansas City this year. I reserved my hotel room, paid for a membership, and was all ready to go. All the way until about July.
Then a funny thing happened. Well, lots of things happened, but mostly what happened is the idea of attending began to make me unhappier and unhappier the closer it got. Until one day it occurred to me I was trying to force something that just wasn’t right for me.
Last year’s WorldCon was a confluence of happy events, and the lovely people who allowed me to tag along were wonderful company for my first time experiencing WorldCon and a Hugo Awards’ ceremony.
But this year? No. I just didn’t want to go. It didn’t feel right to me. And yes, there were other factors involved, but really this one was the biggest.
So forgoing what I had spent on my membership, I cancelled my hotel reservations and I booked a flight for us to head instead to the beaches of my last home, Tampa/St. Petersburg, yay!! My BFF still lives there, another friend from Houston flew out to join us, and we had a blast.


A girls only picture

Now while lots of wonderful things happened while I was on vacation, mostly I got to be at the beach – we went during the day, we went at night to see the stars, we ate on the beach – you see the theme emerging here? 🙂

Oh, and at the very last minute, someone bought my WorldCon membership and appears to have had a wonderful time going in my place.
Further proof that the Universe puts you right where you belong. ♥
I am so grateful and thankful.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger, see how beautiful they are!


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