Birthday Week & The San Luis Valley, CO

13063255_1592207707763202_6699275419414982762_oI had two glorious weeks of vacation this month, and my very best friend and travel buddy came out to visit me for my birthday week. We hung out in-state here in Colorado and did some exploring…

We ate some amazing grub, yummmm…

Tried VooDoo Doughnuts for the first time since moving here, and the slogan on the box is a little bit wrong because ‘amazing’ things come in pink boxes – so so good.
For a Saturday morning, snowy day brunch we headed to Lucile’s Cajun Cafe. That would be a fresh, warm beignet and a cranberry mimosa you see in the picture there, so good that I can’t even.
For Sunday morning brunch we braved the wait and went to Snooze: an A.M. eatery. It’s a must do if you’re in Colorado, and the food was really good. We each got an entree, and to share we got a flavored pancake sampler. The OMG French Toast was the closest thing to ecstasy I’ve experienced in a hot minute, Lol 😉

And explored some of the beautiful crannies and nooks of Colorado…

13087346_1592207794429860_4066905831156008819_n13001105_1592207447763228_697497262516927640_nI believe…13043562_1592207577763215_2565636724841826724_n13047803_1592207667763206_8238988374248254260_o
13040851_1592210157762957_1969044361280769229_oSnow on the Great Sand Dunes, in front of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
13051500_1592207627763210_3857239275617546904_n13055176_1592207594429880_1952958629642559517_oHooper, Colo13062443_1592207454429894_4218724654536924826_nVortex Garden13086909_1592207614429878_121801816083487954_oUFO Art13041208_1592207711096535_7655472620912869977_o13062106_1592207481096558_5498613276803030885_nI live in a wonderful, beautiful state 😉


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