Story Publication #3

Hauntings ~ by Blackbird Publishing

“Tonight, Carol has been dead a year.”

And so begins the tale of Carol, a woman, a jealous lover, and … dead.
She haunts her living husband and his new wife, desperate for revenge.
Will she get it, or … is she not that kind of ghost?

My story, “At the Edge of the Well” is available in this haunting anthology, Hauntings from Blackbird Publishing. Edited by Jamie Ferguson. (November, 2020)

Available in paperback and kindle on Amazon HERE.


From the publisher:

Not all ghosts can be laid to rest…

Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, or staying up late to read—you’ll eventually have to turn off the light, you know—you’ll love these fifteen tales of ghosts, haunted houses, and spooky goings-on!

Imagine waking every day in an old house, unable to leave the grounds because every time you do you get lost in the gray mist. What if the haunted section in the library was actually haunted? Seeing a ghost in a haunted house would be one thing … but what if it followed you home?

Step into the haunted worlds of the fifteen ghostly tales in Hauntings…if you dare!


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