★ Superstars Writing Seminar ~ 2021 ★

Last year I won a scholarship to attend the Superstars Writing Seminars in Colorado Springs in February of 2020. I’m writing this post in mid May because (quarantine) and I wanted some time and distance from the seminar to be able to really sit with my experiences and see what stuck with me. It’s too simple a thing to tell you that I have been changed by this experience in incredible ways, but there aren’t really words to express just how big these changes have been.

I had heard about this conference well before I applied to attend. Many (if not all) of the writers that I have met from Colorado to California talk about SSWS, and the consensus is pretty much that this is the most amazing place/thing/event/tribe eva!
I went into this experience open to allowing it to be whatever it was going to be, however, I’ll admit there was a small part of me that was skeptical: I mean, really… It’s THAT great?
The answer is, yes, it is that great, and even a smidge better than that.

If I told you about all the amazing talks, and people, and inspiration, and laughs that I had, this post would go on for days. So, I’ll try to keep it to some highlights and some of the things I took away from it.

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